Ruben Brouwer

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So, who is Ruben Brouwer?
While typing this story I would have never expected to be working on my own blog when I started uploading outfit posts about 2 months ago. What started off as some sort of an experiment changed into something serious quite fast and I want to tell you guys more about my passion.

One of the reasons for starting my outfits posts and eventually this blog is because I want to show that fashion isn’t just meant to be for women, even though they dominate the bloggers-world. With my passion for fashion and the amount of followers I already had gained, I felt obligated to inspire my followers. Also, don’t you guys think the excuse of ‘fashion is too expensive’ is so outdated with the amount of affordable fashion we see? It is just not an excuse anymore! I basically want to share my passion for fashion and hopefully inspire men to feel more comfortable shopping and second guessing their outfits….

Is it all about fashion though?
Absolutely not! I love to share my experiences, places I see and go by capturing precious moments and places. Therefore I am definitely open to travel and men related lifestyle experiences as well.

To me, personally, there is a lot to be explored by man than just wearing jeans and a shirt in their hometown

I’m 23 years old, I study Commercial Economics at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I’m a social person, easy to talk with and a good team player. I like to take on a challenge, to improve my knowledge at educational purposes.

Besides college I also work much with social media. I have my own page on Facebook named MusicTunes which promotes new released songs/videos/albums. It has a pretty big community with more than 10K likes. (Take a look; you can find this link to the page at the end of this paragraph.)

I also used to like to create lyric/music videos and upload them to YouTube, which also is a big succes with more than 10 million views in total! I use these videos to promote my Facebook page. (Take a look; you can find those links to the videos at the end of this paragraph.)

Technology and social media are not the only thing that interest me, I’m also interested in economics and I really love to sport, you can find me four times a week in the gym, and I’m a big field hockey fan.

Are you curious about my experiences? read them here in my blog!